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About Karl…

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Hundreds of feet up a gorgeous climb in Red Rocks, NV

With an eye for your brand and an ear for its voice, Karl Fendelander cut his teeth on web content in the late nineties and has been plugged in to the latest technology and tuned in to the latest trends ever since. A degree in creative writing honed his wordsmithing skills and sharpened his grammatically accurate wit. Karl’s writing has appeared on everything from the pages of local ‘zines to Yahoo!, MSN, and SocialMediaToday.com, and it was his freelance writing career that lead him to online marketing at QuinStreet, Inc.

Karl worked his way up through the editorial trenches to eventually manage content for QuinStreet’s largest and most profitable education site, WorldWideLearn, with over 35,000 unique visitors a day at its peak and close to 9 million pages of content. Using the intimate knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) he gained from this experience, Karl has gone on to create content and manage digital media for start ups and established companies alike.

Nearly everyone can Tweet or write a status update, but it takes a special skill set like Karl’s to harness the power of social media by reaching out to your targeted demographic with just the right words.