Language is a passion of ours. We take pride not only in our writing, but our ability to help yours. With an in-depth knowledge of grammar and writing styles including MLA, CMS, and AP, we can edit anything from newsletters and résumés to web copy and novels.

Our rates are based on the Editorial Freelancers Association’s, which you can find on their site.

Editing type Est. Pace Range of Fees
Basic editing (web copy or similar, <1000 words per piece) 5-10 ms pgs/hr $30/hr or $.03/wd
Heavy editing (light academic or in-depth article) 2–5 ms pgs/hr $40/hr or $.05/wd
Developmental/substantive/line editing (fiction, creative non-fiction, or major structural editing) 1–5 pgs/hr $60/hr or $.07/wd
Proofreading 9-13 ms pgs/hr $30/hr or $.02/wd
NOTE: ms = manuscript, pr = printed, pg = page, hr = hour, wd = word, ms pg = ~250 words

You’ll be charged at whichever rate comes out better for you, cost-wise (read: cheaper).